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Below are unedited comments from conference evaluations (when available) and direct feedback forms. For specific reviews on my work with Google Apps, please see my profile on the Marketplace.

Wisconsin Lutheran College (July 2012)


Good information, a bit less interactive than others.


Teaching was not in-depth.  Gave some general ideas, then let us explore.  Would have liked more specific guidance on some of the more difficult guidance.

Good and informative.

David was my main session leader.  He was enthusiastic, patient and very knowledgeable.  I learned a lot and got to work on and problem solve some ideas to use at our school with him. 
"His pace and presentation was perfect for me. He was able to answer almost every how-to question on a wide variety of apps."
Dave's sessions were engaging and he also was lots of help outside of the classrooms.

I would have liked more work time or creating time when in his session.  
I didn't attend more than one session with David. Really intelligent and informational.  Rock Solid
Did not have him so I have no feedback.
"Did not cover all topics - moved to quickly Allowed time to practice and help"
very knowledgable and helpful 
Very solid
Loved his pace and suggestions, did a fantastic job being available to help
Excellent. Great presentation

David was awesome. He was informative and willing to answer anything. 
"Funny, knowledgeable, great guy!

He's a 5 of 5"
He was awesome, I was able to connect with him at a high level.  I would recommend that David would be included in any future workshops or conferences.  Great patience and instruction as we navigated through new material.
I didn't work much with him.
Helpful...easy to understand.
Good.  Went fast, certainly great at math, but kept me going.  Very stimulating!
I only had one session with him and the large group, good presenter.
I didn't get much out of the sites session I had with him. In talking to others, the other sectionals were more informative and relevant.
David was very informative and it was easy to listen and comprehend what he was talking about. Very helpful.
One of the easiest presenters to listen to and follow along with

David very good. 
I enjoyed his sectionals.  He is very good at explaining in basic terms.


Great job! I loved the hands on aspect of the workshop. Really helpful.

Great presentation well organized. Love the website. Very knowledgeable thanks

nice hands-on workshop

This session was AWESOME! I would highly recommend this presenter and this workshop to my colleagues. I will use this information and begin making my own screencast! Thank you!

This was wonderful. I was able to create a screencast that I can use for my students this fall. I will be able to help other teachers at my school learn how to use this information. David's Google site made it very easy to follow along and will be extremely useful for refreshing when I need to go back to remember what I learned!

Very organize and well thought out. Great session and Great presenter.

ICE Conference (Feb 2012)

Fantastic, really enjoyed the presentation. 

Thanks for the great workshop.  It was very organized and you were able to troubleshoot and answer questions easily!

Workshop was excellent.  Loved all of the ideas and options of different software to use for screencasting.

The pacing was very good.  It allowed everyone to proceed at their own pace. T H A N K S ! ! !

Excellent workshop! Consider expanding this to a full day workshop. You are an excellent presenter.

I really enjoyed this.  Thank you.  Maybe talk a little slower.

IETC Conference (Nov 2011)

David Chan is extremely prepared. His resources made learning fun and easy.

Great presenter. Very organized, great presentation, loved the hands on and walking us through step by step.

Best yet!

Very well prepared.

Very well prepared and helpful. Excellent!

One of the best presenters I have ever experienced.


Loved the hands on and presenter walked around and offered suggestion. Very organized. Way more info to cover in 2 hours. Possibly have future day or evening session workshops of at least 3 hours to cover info.

Very useful!

Loved all the hands on time. The 2 hours sped by!

The best!


Google Apps for Education
Mount Vernon CSC (Aug 2011)

I thought this was a great session.  The tools introduced were AWESOME!

Great Job!  4 hours is just not enough.  That that I have been through it I could see breaking these down further for a full day workshop.  I really appreciate you stayed on task and didn't let us get to far off course.  Thanks

Google Apps for Education
D57 Mount Prospect (Aug 2011)

Can't wait to use it often. Glad to have the resources to relate back to.

Thanks for all the helpful information and applications!

I would love to apply to our curriculum soon!
Very informational. Already has me thinking about how I can incorporate this into my day to day instruction.

David did an excellent job delivering the material. He was definitely the best technology presenter we have had in quite a while. Please use him again.

Thank you for the site with links and resources that we can go back to and use at a later date. Having examples, instructions and guides really help out!

Thanks for a great session!

David is a superior presenter.  He MOVES through all the great information rather than waiting and waiting for everyone to follow along.  What a terrific agenda with all the links that I can return to when I have more time.  I really really appreciate having such a professional teaching me.

"Nice job! It will help in communication with other teachers and parents! Limited application with students since I teach kindergarten."

I appreciate the overviews/projects.  I am not sure how to apply all of this to my position as a kdg. teacher, but my team will brainstorm together to do the best we can.  

Excellent presentation!  I thought you did a great job of covering so many neat topics and tools that Google has to offer in such a short amount of time.  The hands-on time was very beneficial.  I'm glad that we have access to the entire presentation through the link.  Thank you again!  Terrific workshop!!!  I can't wait to bring these tools into my classroom!

Very informative. 

I particularly liked the hands on activities...

Very knowledgeable presenter. Some of the presentation was  little too fast for beginners. 

The presentation was l bit too fast paced for me, however, there was much useful information.  The presenter was very knowledgeable in this subject.  

WOW - you know a lot!  Yes, my head is spinning ... in a good way!  This gave me more courage to try new things!
Thanks so much for your time and patience!

Learned a lot!  Need time to process and practice more - would love David in my classroom!!!!

Great presentation, but too much for me unfortunately. 

Google Apps for Education
CSC Eastern Hancock (Aug 2011)

Great info!  Could have used more time:)

I greatly appreciate this session.  It was great, engaging, and helped to expand my thoughts about integrating technology with my teaching.

"Can you email me more information about becoming a google certified teacher? Thanks for all the good info."

"I love all of the info, but it is WAY info overload. The basic link page is a great idea to refer to later!

Thanks for coming in!