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Sample Descriptions

Alternatives to Powerpoint (Animoto, Prezi, Pixton, Blabberize, Voki, and more) Tired of having your students create PowerPoint presentations? In this presentation, I discuss some best practices for presentations, offer several alternatives to the ubiquitous slideshow editing program, and give real samples to showcase the alternatives. Presentation can be customized for content area and/or specific project options.

Blogging About Tech: From Hobby to Passion
Ever thought it would be cool to review tech gadgets and share your musings with the world? Well, you can! Interested in writing about something different or have your students create their own blogs?  You can do that too!  

In this presentation, I'll discuss my journey from writer to editor, from hobbyist to enthusiast, from lowly blogger to well...still lowly blogger. Fun, engaging, and informative, this presentation aims to bring the energy and excitement uncovered through blogging to your own personal life or into your classroom.

Introduction to Clickers - Real Time Checking for Understanding
Learn what student response systems (“Clickers”) can do to help improve student engagement, motivation, and provide real-time checking for understanding in your classroom.  Find out what systems are available, install software on your laptop, and take away ideas for how to implement “Clickers” in your classroom for the next school year.  

Introduction to the Document Camera - Take the Picture, Leave the Overhead Projector
Whether you just received your document camera or if you're ready to use one for next year, you'll be interested in learning the basics of how to best integrate the technology tool into your curriculum.  We'll focus on basic operation, image capture, and incorporating captured images into new or existing lessons. 

Google Apps for Education Overview
Learn about how students and classrooms use Google Apps for Education.  View shared projects and experiences from teachers who have successfully integrated Google Apps into their curriculum. Discover how to communicate with students via email and discussion boards. Take away ideas for how to introduce document collaboration, improved communication, shared calendars, and the possibility of creating a paperless classroom.

Google Apps for Education: We've gone Google in my class - what's next?
If you've used Google Apps in your class this year or just can’t get enough of Google from the beginner’s workshop, please join us for a discussion of integration ideas, as well as exploring other apps that you may not have used yet, such as Blogger, Reader, Moderator, Talk, and more.  Additional advanced topics may include using Forms for quizzes, Translate for Docs, Flash Cards, Global Pen Pals, and more.

More Media in the Classroom: Discovery Education Streaming, Voicethread, FlipCams
Audio and video clips can add a lot to classroom instruction. Additionally, when students are the creators of multimedia, engagement and motivation can often improve.  Learn how to best utilize Discovery Education Streaming along with VoiceThread and possibly Flip Video Cameras to include more media projects in your classroom. Integration can be as simple as incorporating more clips from a teacher created library or something more elaborate such as monthly student video podcasts. 

Teacher Websites: What Works, What Doesn't, What to Do? 
Summer is the perfect time to get organized with all of your curriculum documents.  A teacher website is a great way to assist with your organization and make things accessible to students and parents.  We’ll take a look at what works and what doesn't when creating a teacher website and you'll walk out with your own Google Site ready to publish.

SMARTBoard: Introduction to the Interactive Whiteboard
Learn how to use SmartBoards currently located in common areas such as the BCC and the MRC. Experience student centered activities that can be used immediately in your curriculum.  Install Smart Notebook software on your desktop computer and/or laptop, and you can then prepare lessons anywhere.  Take away ideas for how to incorporate SmartBoard lessons with your existing curriculum.  

Web 2.0 Tools - TopTech Quickfire Challenge
Experience a “Top Chef” style interactive workshop where attendees will search for and then share a lesson activity using one of thousands of free web 2.0 tools that are available.  All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.  We’ll also take a look at some of the more popular tools used in education, complete with examples from ETHS teachers.  You’ll walk away with tons of resources to go with your ideas of how to add engagement and motivation to your existing curriculum.  

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise with others, and this can come in the form of Presentations and Workshops.  

Presentations will be shorter in nature (under 1.5 hours) and will include demonstrations but may or may not involve hands-on activities. Workshops will be longer (generally 2-5 hours) and will always include hands-on time and product takeaways for participants.  

On the left are some descriptions of presentations and below are recent and upcoming events. For information on how to schedule me to present, please complete the form below.

Experience: 2014

Teaching Teachers Technology - Lessons Learned as a Technology Integration Specialist
STEMCon, Cleveland, OH (March 2014)

Google Chrome and Accessibility
Online Webinar, Infinitec (March 2014)

Google Voice in the Classroom
Google Chrome: More than a Fast Browser
Google Illinois Summit, Northbrook, IL (March 2014)

Making an Online PD Course Using Google Apps
ICE Conference, St. Charles, IL (Feb 2014)

Google Chrome: More than a Fast Browser
Waukegan Google Mini Conference, Waukegan, IL (Feb 2014)

Waukegan Google Mini Conference, Waukegan, IL (Feb 2014)

Archived presentations below



Google Chrome: More than a Fast Browser
Illinois Education and Technology Conference (IETC), Springfield, IL (Nov 2013)

Google Apps for Education Midwest Summit - Wisconsin Dells, WI (Nov 2013)

Google Chrome and Accessibility
Online Webinar, Infinitec (Oct 2013)

Keynote Speaker
WLC Google Apps Summit - Milwaukee, WI (June 2013)

Keynote Speaker
Commission on Technology Conference - Chicago, IL (May 2013)

Using Google Voice in the Classroom 
Google Apps for Education Illinois Summit - Northbrook, IL (Mar 2013)

Google Apps for Education Illinois Summit - Northbrook, IL (Mar 2013)

1-to-5: Shared iPads in the Classroom
ICE Conference - St. Charles, IL (Feb 2013)

AppFest - Fond Du Lac, WI (Aug 2012)

Tablet PCs in the Classroom (NCTE Session, Nov 2011)
Back to School Technology Training Workshops (ETHS, Aug 2011)
AESOP Training (ETHS, Aug 2011)
Google Apps for Students (ETHS, July 2011)
Summer Technology Training Workshops (ETHS, June 2011)
Top Tech '11 (Northwestern University, May 2011)

Back to School Technology Training Workshops (ETHS, Aug 2010)
Summer Technology Training Workshops (ETHS, June 2010)
Google Apps in Education Pilot (ICE, Feb 2010)