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Google Apps Overview - appFest1

Receive an overview of multiple Google Apps including Gmail, Docs, Sites, Forms, and more. Use this session as a starting point for those unfamiliar with Google Apps for Education (GAFE) or those looking for a quick refresher.  View samples of uses from multiple school districts and begin envisioning how to use GAFE in your own school or classroom. 

(5 min) Welcome and Overview

About this site:

(5 min) Overview of GAFE

Poll#1: Who has GAFE at school? (Enter the Poll - Room# 51049)
Poll#2: Who has a Gmail account?

  • 3 Tips: Search/Archive, Email Forwarding, Filters

(15 min) Docs w/Activity

(15 min) Forms (Intro) w/Activity
(5 min) Sites Overview

(15 min) Groups w/Demo

(5 min) Even More

(5 min) Feedback
Next Steps

Brainstorming curriculum ideas/implementation plans

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Google Apps ‎(Beginner)‎

After Today - Developing Professionally 

User Guides - Getting started and learning the basics for each app
Google Apps Education Training Center - basic training from Google
Google Docs for Education Training - specifically focusing on docs with education
10 ways to get started with Google Apps
 - great way to see if Apps is right for your class