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Sample Topics

Level-Up: Advancing K-12 Technology in the Classroom
Technology Integration Specialist and Google Certified Teacher/Trainer David Chan will explore and share why he loves his job, how students could love school, and what Google has done to make it all possible.  Themes from the works of Daniel Pink, Tony Wagner, and other authors will be integrated throughout this presentation on how edtech will drive transformative classroom innovation.

Photo by A. Pugh

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise with others, and this can come in the form of PresentationsWorkshops, and now Keynotes.

Presentations will be shorter in nature (under 1.5 hours) and will include demonstrations but may or may not involve hands-on activities. Workshops will be longer (generally 2-5 hours) and will always include hands-on time and product takeaways for participants.  Keynotes will typically be 45 minutes and will include audience participation as well as overarching elements tied to the conference theme. 

On the left are some descriptions of possible keynote sessions and below are recent and upcoming events. For information on how to schedule me to present, please complete the form below.


Keynote Speaker
TechCon - Chicago, IL (October 2015)

9-12 Illinois Google Leadership Symposium
Organizer, Keynote Speaker
Evanston Township High School, Evanston, IL (April 2015)

Breakout Session
STEMCon - Cleveland, OH (March 2014)

Keynote Speaker
WLC Google Apps Summit - Milwaukee, WI (June 2013)

Keynote Speaker
Commission on Technology Conference - Chicago, IL (May 2013)