Build Your Own Course/Teacher Website Using Google Sites 
ETHS PE/Wellness Department Meeting 
2:45 to 4:00 pm

Review what works and what doesn't work with teacher websites, and create a site from a template using Google Sites. Learn from a Google Certified Teacher (David Chan) the core features of Sites as well as some advanced tips and tricks. Walk away with your site up and running! This is great because you're going to see how easy it is to have your own website.  Our department will be the pioneer for all other departments when we have every member of the department with a working website.



This site: Before and After Today


Breakout Groups by Course - Create and Share a Course Site
  • Log into your Google Apps account (1-2 laptops per table)
  • Click on Sites
  • One Person: Click on Create 
  • Browse Gallery and Select Template (ETHS PE Course)
  • Name Site (Course Name)
  • Select a Theme (Yes, you can change it later.)
  • More Options, Share with (Check - "...anyone in the world")
  • Click Create 
  • Click Share (upper right) and add other team members' email address. Also, add Theresa's email address.


Site Design
  • Add a Welcome message - replace text from template
  • Uploading handouts (Add file)
  • Add links (Add file, web)
  • Add Quia Quizzes (if applicable)
  • Add Syllabus (Add file)
  • Edit Individual Teacher Pages (Click on page, Edit) OR Link to existing page (ask for help if needed)


Regroup/Share/Next Steps

When using Google Apps...

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