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Google Sites - Clinton, WI

Present and Discuss:
  • Why Maintain a Teacher Website?
  • Google Sites vs. Edmodo vs. Others
  • Setting Goals for the Year

Create a new Google Site or Modify an existing site.
Develop a few pages that fit your brainstorm/design
Share your site with at least one collaborator (could be me -
  • Try at least 3 of the following:
    • Add a hyperlink to a webpage
    • Insert an image (upload or URL - creative commons)
    • Change the Theme (more actions, manage site)
    • Create a New Page (web, file cabinet, announcements)
    • Embed a Google Doc, Presentation, Spreadsheet, or Form
    • Switch layouts (1,2,3 columns)

  • Try at least 1 of the following:
    • Create and insert a Google Calendar
    • Add a gadget (insert, more gadgets)
    • Change Sidebar Menu to Horizontal Navigation (more actions, manage site)
    • Change the Formatting (colors/fonts) on your Site (more actions, manage site)
    • Rearrange the Sidebar or Navigation Bar (manage site, site layout)
    • View the Revision History and restore an earlier version

even more with Google Sites
  • Add Custom HTML - embed gadget
  • Add Website using iFrame gadget
  • Edit and Insert an Image - try a new tool below


Google Sites for a Classroom Webpage

Ms. Schroeder