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Communicating with Skype, Voicethread, and Blogging

Looking for ways to connect your classroom to the community, another school, or another country? This workshop will explore several ways to do all of the above.  From Skype resources (classroom partners, projects), to classroom blogs, teachers can use a variety of tools to engage their students in writing or communication activities and maintain an authentic audience through sharing, collaborating and publishing their works. 
(5 min) Welcome and Overview

About this site:


(10 min) Current Uses - Teacher Examples


(20 min) Skype: Explore, Discuss, Design

(20 min) Voicethread: Explore, Discuss, Design

(20 min) Blogger: Explore, Discuss, Design

(10min) Other Tools: Google+ - Live, FaceTime, ScreenSharing

(5 min) Feedback

Brainstorming curriculum ideas/implementation plans

After Today - Developing Professionally