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Google Apps I

Learn about how ETHS students and classrooms use Google Apps at ETHS. View shared projects and experiences from teachers who have successfully integrated Google Apps into their curriculum. Discover how to communicate with students via email and discussion boards. Take away ideas for how to introduce document collaboration, improved communication, shared calendars, and the possibility of creating a paperless classroom.
(5 min) Welcome and Overview


(10 min) Gmail (Review)
    Chat, Email Forwarding, Search/Archive

(30 min) Docs
    Lead Learner: Maryjoy Heineman - Form, Chat, Docs

(10 min) Demo of Teacher Dashboard
    Test Login/Tour

(10 min) Forms (Intro)
    Create form, share with group (if time)

(10 min) Even More

(5 min) Feedback and SWAG!


Next Steps:

Brainstorming curriculum ideas/implementation plans

ollow-up: I can offer refresher tutorials as well as in-class setup sessions where students log into Google Apps, create a document, and share with you through the Teacher Dashboard interface.  

Google Apps ‎(Beginner)‎

After Today - Developing Professionally 

User Guides - Getting started and learning the basics for each app
Google Apps Education Training Center - basic training from Google
Google Docs for Education Training - specifically focusing on docs with education
10 ways to get started with Google Apps
 - great way to see if Apps is right for your class