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Google Apps II

If you've used Google Apps in your class this year or just can’t get enough of Google from the beginner’s workshop, please join us for a discussion of integration ideas, as well as exploring other apps that you may not have used yet, such as Blogger, Reader, Moderator, Talk, and more. Additional advanced topics may include using Forms for quizzes, Translate for Docs, Flash Cards, Global Pen Pals, and more.

Things to remember:  Pop-ups, Browsers, Limitations

Welcome and Overview


(30 min) 

(15 min) Calendar

(15 min) Reader/Books

(15 min) Blogger

(15 min) Apps: Hapara Teacher Dashboard

(15 min) Even More

Better Use of Current Apps - Reflection - How are you already using Google Apps in your Classroom?


Why blogging?

Class blogs (group)
Individual student blogs
Teacher blog (individual)
Teacher blog as a class website
Teacher blog as professional development/learning network (PLN)

Google Apps ‎(Intermediate)‎

Hangout Fun!