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Google Forms and Spreadsheets - Clinton, WI

Demonstration and Examples

Discuss ideas for forms - Check Gallery for samples or templates on lower right of this page.

  • Take a moment and discuss with the person next to you what kind of form you could easily use at your school or in your classroom.
Hands-On: Create a New Form
  • Make the Form:  Drive -> Create -> New Form -> Add Questions and Pick a Theme
  • Distribute the Form: Once it's ready, share the Live Form Link and we can test it out for you. 
  • Analyze the Data: Go back to your Google Docs to begin viewing live data as it is received.

Share your form here: (Click Here!)

Spreadsheet - check out your forms! (Click Here!)

Application - Self Grading Quizzes

Demo of self grading form: Self Grading Trivia Quiz

(Before Flubaroo): Self Grading Trivia Quiz