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Making Movies and Managing Media

Audio and video clips can add a lot to classroom instruction. Additionally, when students are the creators of multimedia, engagement and motivation can often improve. Learn how to best utilize Discovery Education Streaming along with VoiceThread and possibly Flip Video Cameras to include more media projects in your classroom. Integration can be as simple as incorporating more clips from a teacher created library or something more elaborate such as monthly student video podcasts.

(5 min) Overview
(10 min) Discussion/Brainstorm
(50 min) Hands-On
(20 min) Share
(5 min) Next Steps

Importance of video in presentations: Joe's Non-Netbook

Great Resource with Examples: jonorech


There's consuming, and then there's creating.

Easy ways to create:

More involved/reward: Digital Storytelling:

For Presentations: PhotoStory 3 for Windows

For Discussions: VoiceThread @ ETHS

Full Fledged Movie/Music Making: 

iMovie/Garageband - MAC

Adobe Premiere/Audacity - PC

Your Turn


Hands-On:  Log in, Search for a relevant media clip, save to my content


Login at

Using FlipCameras

Integrating video into voicethreads.

Other Platforms for Media Projects:

Other Web 2.0 Tools:

Some Faves:



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