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Teacher Websites II

So, you’ve got a teacher website and it’s linked on Teacher Web Pages. Now, you want it to be something that your students, parents, and even other schools come to for information. In this session, we’ll discuss tips and tricks to make your website even more functional and throw in some design elements as well. Topics may include: Embedding HTML code, Including gadgets/widgets, adding photos and video, and more.
Session Agenda: 

(5 min) Welcome and Overview
(10 min) Open discussion of what already exists on your website and your goals for improving your site. 

(10 min) Browsing through Examples from Teacher Web Pages - what's beginner vs. more advanced?
Google Sites
Site Examples and Why it's "more than beginner":

Speech Team - embedded pictures, video, email contacts
Heineman - custom backgrounds, blog style, sidebar content
Mauer-Oats - Tablet video library (Khan-esque?), embedded applet
AP Psychology
 - embedded calendar, announcements, separate teacher pages, collaborative
Senior Studies - countdown gadget, links to student sites, discussion boards
(10 min) Explore other examples of teacher websites online (in and outside of ETHS) - what functions do you want?
(15 min) Adding On:  

Some things you might consider to take your site to the next level: 
  • Organization
  • Page Layout
  • Colors, Backgrounds, Themes
  • Images - slideshows?
  • Calendars
  • Google Docs, Forms
  • Custom HTML Embeds
  • Videos
  • Social Media Tools

Review of Options within Google Sites:
    Web Page
        Site Layout
        Standard Text
            Images - pictures uploaded (preferred) or URL
            Link - connect to other sites
            Table of contents, Subpage Listing - as site grows for organization
            Horizontal Line - for design

            AdSense - not available for
            Calendar - embed a Google calendar directly on your site.  All changes made through Calendar get automatically published.
            Document - embed a Google Doc - possible examples: agendas, sample assignments, rubrics, student work
            Map - embed Google Map
            Picasa Photo/Slideshow - images from existing albums
            Presentation - embed Google presentation
            Spreadsheet/Form - embed Google spreadsheet form
            Video - embed a YouTube video - copy URL from YouTube (no student access in building)

            Recent announcements - useful for class announcements/blog style - only shows most recent
            Recently updated files
            Text Box
        More Gadgets
            Others in domain
            Others outside of domain

(45 min) Hands-On: Try some advanced editing on your web page.

(20 min) Discuss new look of site - how to drive more traffic, social media, custom domain

(5 min) Feedback and Next Steps
Other Options?


Embed gadget

Embed gadget

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