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Google Docs/Drive


(10) Intros/Open - What can you do with Google Docs?
(15) Test Driving Drive - Creating, Sharing, and Collaborating (Docs and Folders)
(15) Extras - Inserting, Publishing, and More
(10) Activity 
(15) Presentations
(15) Activity

Objectives - Make Sure You Can:

  • Try at least 3 of the following:
    • Create a new doc, presentation, spreadsheet
    • File: Rename, Make a Copy, Download as Word or PDF
    • Insert: Image, Link, Equation, Drawing into a Doc/Presentation
    • Tools: Translate, Define, Word Count, Research
    • Table: Insert a Table
    • Use an existing template

  • Try at least 1 of the following:
    • Upload to the template gallery
    • Use the comment or discussion feature with a collaborator
    • Use Revision History to restore a previous version
    • Insert a Bookmark on a page
    • Use the Research Tool to include images with citations

Additional Activities (time permitting):

#2: Create and Collaborate on a Presentation
        Topic: 3-5 Slides about your Upcoming Summer Break

#3: (Time Permitting) Sharing Collections - Teacher to Class, Student to Teacher



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The Google Docs Blog is also valuable for picking up the latest tips, tricks, and new features.

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